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Eden Naturist Estate are proud to present the amazing Lavendyr Lilliehook’s Erotic Story Readings using Open Voice.   Lavendyr’s readings will be a regular feature of this year’s event catalogue at Eden Naturist Estate.

The amazingly talented Lavendyr will be reading some of her favourite Erotica in her sultry sensuous voice.  She’ll read the erotic stories out loud, giving them just the right touch of stimulation and passion that will arouse anyone who is listening.  Her regular monthly readings are based around themes that inspire and excite you.  Please make sure your speakers are turned on and/or your headphones are plugged in or you will miss out on one of SL’s very special experiences.

Bring your partner to Lav’s stage at the back of Naturopolis Beach and settle down to listen to 4 or 5 excitement stories of naughty goings-on. Her stories last for about 5 or 10 minutes each and you are welcome to find a cushion and relax into one of the many poses built into the soft furnishings around her stage. You can savour an individual story or you can stay and devour the entire session, it’s up to you.

We even have special couple’s poses, so you can relax in the arms of your loved one as Lavendyr reads out stories of toe-curling passion and wild, vivid erotic descriptions.  I can personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Lavendyr has a permanent location in Naturopolis, Eden.  There is a display board by her stage that will tell you the date and time of the next reading.

If you arrive at the Pavilion Hub, you’ll see a teleport that will take you directly to her stage.  Just right click it and select “Teleport” to get straight to her stage.  Or you can enjoy a leisurely walk along the beach which will take you around to her performance area.

The Erotic Readings have their own dedicated stage


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