Terraform Requests

Just bought some land in Eden?

We get plenty of residents and parcel owners that want their island re-terraforming.  Brenda is our terraforming expert and she has created all the islands and waterways throughout the Eden Estate.

Sometimes, it can be difficult, frustrating and inaccurate to try and describe exactly what terraforming and land shaping you would like Brenda to perform.

If you have something that you want to add to your parcel, for example a house, or swimming pool, or a dock or landing bay, then the easiest way to manage the terraforming so that it fits in perfectly with your new additions is to simply place your new acquisition on your land and then position it exactly where you want it to be.  Don’t worry if any parts are sunk into the land or that are hanging in the air.  Once it’s in place, send an IM to IvaEden, who will log the request in our Helpdesk system. One of the officers will come and embed your new items so that the land conforms to their placing, by altering the land surfaces and waterlines.  The next time you see your new buildings, it will look as though they have always been there!


Terraform Request Kits

marker poles in action

marker poles in action

You can also choose to map out the shape of the land you own and then sit back and let an expert do it for you  All you need is one of our Terraform Request Kit. This contains the instructions you need and the marker poles. Or, you can create your own marker poles, if you want.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Open the kit, get the marker poles.

  • The kit is an instructional notecard with the Marker Poles embedded inside it.  Touch the link inside the notecard and the marker poles will be placed into your inventory. These poles can be positioned around your parcel showing what level you want the land.  Each pole has a red area and a white area and the point where they change in colour will determine the new land level. The poles are full permissions, so you can re-size and copy them.  They’re all phantom prims, so you can even walk through them!

Step 2: Align the marker poles to show us your new land levels

  • Rez a pole and sink it into the land. Set the vertical height so that the RED area will appear UNDER the new land levels and the WHITE area will be ABOVE the land.  Use as many poles as you like to show how you want the land to appear.  You can also place marker poles with the white area beneath the existing land if you want to lower the land level.  So, you can design your own lagoon, stream or dock!  Remember, it’s where the RED changes to WHITE in the marker pole that will determine where the new land level will be set.
marker poles before terraforming

marker poles before terraforming

Step 3: Send IvaEden an IM

  • When you’ve planted all the poles you think are necessary, send an IM to IvaEden Resident, requesting the terraforming and include a landmark to the location.

Step 4: Watch the magic!

  • Once we have received your request, one of us will come over and alter the levels of the land so that it follows the height of the RED segments of the poles. You can be present to watch if you wish, but you don’t need to be. The marker poles mean that we can alter the land levels the way you want without your being there!
Marker poles after terraforming

Marker poles after terraforming

Step 5: Remove the markers

  • When the terraforming’s done, you can delete the marker poles. We will leave them in place so you can see how the new land levels accurately reflect your ideas.

Note: We don’t allow residents to “have a go” themselves as our experience has shown us that we end up doing more work by having to put things right again.  Second Life terraforming is a complicated art to get right. And there’s no UNDO key.  Terraforming can’t be restricted to a parcel or an island, so it’s possible that you can accidentally deform the entire sim land mass in a couple of seconds.  Yes, it’s happened!


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