Property Info

Come and live in the beautiful naturist estate of Eden!

The Naturopolis apartments are surrounded by sea and landscaped naturist areas.

In Eden, you never need to wear any clothes – ever!  We have large plots and parcels for sale on the beautiful landscaped estate of Eden, the naturist paradise right here in Second Life.  You can buy a plot on one of the magnificent tropical islands that surround the Naturopolis Naturist Resort.  There are also plots available that nestle in the forest area, perched high over the scenic cliff road that runs into Naturopolis from the South.  All properties are surrounded by Linden-protected seas.

Note: For those who still want a residence in the estate, but prefer less of a commitment, we have luxury apartments for monthly rent.


Every detail, both outside and inside the apartments, has been tailored to a naturist lifestyle.

For those that want to own designated naturist land, we also have plots for sale on the Eden Naturist Estate.  These are tropical islands, set amidst beautiful Linden protected waters and cliff tops where you can own the land and place your own house.

We have economy apartments available in our capital sim, Naturopolis

How To Rent:

  • Just find a flat or apartment in Eden that you want to rent by looking for the blue cube rental boxes.  Then pay the box the first weeks rental and it’s yours for as long as you continue to rent it.
  • Each apartment has its own security system.  You can lock the doors, set the window blinds up or down and turn the lights on and off.
  • Streaming music is also available for those wanting it.

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