Property FAQs

Islands and apartments are available to buy or rent.

Residents have many questions about property they are about to buy. (Other general Eden FAQs can be seen here) and you can see more Property information here.

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please add your question to the list (see the bottom of this page to add a question

Q: Where can I see what land is for sale?
A: There are land maps on display by the Pavilion in our capital sim of Naturopolis. These boards are kept up to date with new ownerships and land sales. You can also look using your viewer’s Map display. Land parcels for sale will appear as yellow. (just make sure Land For Sale at the top righthand corner is ticked)

Q: How do I buy an island or a parcel in Eden?
A: Stand on the parcel you wish to buy; right click on the land and select About Land from the pie chart. Now make your purchase by clicking the Buy Land button, then locate the Tier Box which will be offshore slightly and make a payment. You will also need to have your Eden Group active.

Q: How do I join the Eden Group?
A: There are “Join the Group” boxes dotted around the Eden Estate. Touch one and you’ll get an invitation to join. Or you can contact Elbag or Brenda, and we’ll send you an invitation. Or you can search in your SL viewer for The Eden Naturist Estate group.

Q: What is the ongoing cost?
A: Linden Labs require a weekly payment for all land owned in Second Life. This is called the tier. We pay this directly to the Lindens on your behalf and we charge you a weekly tier payment. You pay this through your “tier box” which is usually close to your island shoreline. The boxes can hold a maximum of 4 weeks tier payments. Please don’t try to pay for more than 4 weeks in advance as the payment won’t be accepted.

Q: Can I sell the island again?
A: Yes, and you may even make a profit! But you’ll still have to maintain your tier payments until it is sold, othewise the land ownership will default back to the Eden Estate.

Q: Can I rent an island?
A: Yes, but there are restrictions on what you can do on a rented parcel. For example you cannot put the land into a Group, you cannot ban or eject people and so on.

Q: How many prims do I get?
A: The Eden Estate is built on Homestead sims. These have an allocation of 3,750 prims, but we retain a number of these to ensure that boats, aircraft and other vehicles as well as our wildlife are able to pass across the sim. Sims are allocated a number of prims and these are distributed amongst the sim’s land parcels. We keep some of the sim’s prims in reserve for tenants who may want to increase their prim allowance. So, you will have a maximum prim allocation between 450 and 2,000 prims, depending on the parcel size and number of parcels in the sim. You would probably start using and paying for between 450 and 800 to begin with.

Q: Can I buy more prims?
A: Yes, if there are still some “spare” prims left on the sim to buy. You could wait for a larger parcel to become available or if you need a sufficiently large allocation to justify it, we would buy another sim and add it to the estate.

Q: How much do extra prims cost?
A: The cost of extra prims is negotiable – contact us for the latest info.

Q: How can I tell how many prims I’m using?
A: Click on some land inside your parcel. Choose “About Land” from the pie chart that appears. Then, go to the Objects Tab, click Refresh and your name will appear there with the number of prims that belong to you or your Group.

Q: Can I stream music/TV to my parcel?
A: Yes, if you own the land. No, if you rent the land.

Q: Can I have a skybox?
A: Yes, but it must be set to a height above 1000 metres and it will count as part of your prim allocation.

Q: Can I have a security orb?
A: We don’t allow Security Orbs or ban lines in the estate.


Q: Can I rent cheaper apartments in Eden?
A: Yes, your weekly payment you make to the rent box gives you a prim allowance and an apartment to rez them in. We have some economy apartments in the North East corner of Naturopolis, and some luxury apartments on some of the Eden sims.

Q: How much is the rental for the apartments?
A: The economy ones and the luxury ones vary in price, prim allowance and size.  You will find a rental box at the door of any available apartment – it will display the weekly rental cost and the prim allowance.  Pay the box and it will change, showing YOU as the renter!  Then it’s yours.

Q: Can my partner and I share an island or apartment?
A: Within reason, yes. You can have a partner living with you or just crashing out! They will have to share your prim allowance. We can add them to your Tier box so they can also pay as well as you.

Q: I know Eden is a Naturist estate but do I always have to keep my clothes off?
A: You don’t have to do so in your own parcel of land but when you’re out and about in Eden, nudity is strongly preferred – Remember, Eden is a Naturist Estate!

Q: The island isn’t the right shape for my house. Can I have it terraformed?
A: Yes, we can custom shape an island for you as part of your initial purchase. We also have a Terraform Request Kit so you can outline the surface changes you would like.

Q: Can I terraform it myself?
A: No. Terraforming is not permitted in Eden.

Q: Can I put trees and rocks and waterfalls in?
A: Yes, as long as they don’t look too out of place in the Eden tropics! They’ll count as part of your prim allowance. Please check that your foliage is not set on “full bright” so that they don’t glow in the dark!

Q: Can I moor my boat on my island?
A: Yes but the prims will count against your allowance. Why not consider renting a slip in Naturopolis instead?


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