How to buy Land in the Eden Naturist Estate

If you wish to buy land in Eden, please follow these steps: (See our Conveant for information on placing your homes and harbours)

More information can be found on our FAQ page.

Buying Land in the Eden Naturist Estate

1. Open the second Life Map by pressing Ctrl+M.

2. Tick the “Land Sale” checkbox: The parcels that are for sale will be highlighted in yellow.  A parcel may be a complete island or may be a part of a larger one. You can teleport to the parcel and see.

Map of Eden land for sale

Map of Eden land for sale

3. To teleport to the available parcel, click on it and then click on the “Teleport” button.

4. Turn on Show Parcel Boundary in your browser, so you can see the border that surrounds the parcel for sale. Remember that some of the boundary may go underwater, so you will own the shoreline!

5. When you are actually standing on the parcel, you can right-click on the land and choose “About Land”.

6. Look under the “General” tab to find whether the land is still for sale and check the sale information. Click the “Buy Land” button and follow the on-screen instructions.

7. Once you have purchased the land, you need to join The Eden Naturist Estate group. To do this, copy and paste the following link into local chat, press Enter, then click on the link and join the group in the pop-up window:


or click this link to join the group.

8. Once you have become a member of The Eden Naturist Estate group, please find the parcel’s tier box – it will be located just above the water surface somewhere around your parcel. When the rent is paid, the box will become phantom and will move under the water surface where it will remain for the duration of your ownership of the parcel.

Things to Note:

(a) You will start receiving automatic reminders both via IM and email 3 days before the rent is due to expire. If you do not login SL regularly, please check your email associated with your SL account.

(b) Please remember to always wear The Eden Naturist Estate Group tag when you pay rent.

(c) If you go in rental arrears for more than 3 days, your land may be reclaimed and put back for sale, and your objects will be returned to you. Therefore, please ensure that your rent covers any absence periods, or contact Eden Helpdesk (by IM’ing our automatic assistant IvaEdenResident) and inform us of your situation.

(d) What? You want to pay your tier into the box but it’s not letting you? See (b).

(e) We CAN join parcels for you if they border each other. We CAN’T subdivide a parcel or change it’s layout in any different configuration than the original one.


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