The Eden Naturist Estate Covenant

The Eden Naturist Estate Covenant.

V 2.3 [Updated December 2016]

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These are the Rules for the Eden Naturist Estate in Second Life.  These apply, where relevant, to Eden property owners, residents, tenants and visitors.


1. Main Rules governing the Eden Naturist Estate
2. Special Sim Restrictions
3. Buying & Tier
4. Rules of Behavior
5. Avatar Appearance
6. Sexual Conduct
7. Other Considerations
8. Parcels and Islands
9. House Building Rules
10 Additional Building Rules
11. Tier Payment Default
12. Service and Maintenance.

1. Main Rules governing the Eden Naturist Estate.

1.1. By buying or renting parcels or being present in the Eden Naturist Estate, you agree to the rules stipulated in the Covenant. Please read it all, it ensures that all those using this facility enjoy a shared, superior experience!

1.2. We are grateful in having been allowed to attach our estate to the Fruit Islands Estate whose waterways and facilities are also at your disposal BUT please remember that the Fruit Islands Estate is not a naturist zone. Make sure you are wearing something to over up before you leave Eden waters. Bikinis are acceptable in the Fruit Islands estate, even the briefest of ones, but don’t venture into it completely unclothed.  You can always remove them when you sail back into Eden waters.

1.3. Land parcels must first be bought at the parcel and then your tier, paid in weekly increments, is made through the tier payment box near the parcel. Apartments are available for rent through the vendors in the Naturopolis Hub or the SL Marketplace.

1.4. Membership of the Eden Naturist Resort Groupis free but by invitation only.  This will provide you with free use and access to a variety of water, land and air vehicles the rezzers for which are placed around the Naturopolis sim for your pleasure.

1.5 You may use your own boats and vehicles to navigate the Eden Estate and you may moor up in our waters for a time, but when finished, please delete it to save unnecessary clutter around the Estate. You can moor or harbour your boat in a harbour or slip on your own parcel but this will count towards your parcel prim allowance.

1.6 You may add landscape features such as trees and rocks to your own parcel as long as they conform to the ambient surroundings and they are fully within your parcel. Landscaping features outside your parcel must not be covered or obscured by structures protruding from inside your parcel.

Terraforming (subsection 1)

1.7 Terraforming in Eden is NOT allowed by owners of parcels, no matter how experienced you think you are. If you own a full sim within Eden, we may consider granting terraform rights temporarily.

1.71 The terraforming of your property is NOT a right or an entitlement that you have. You cannot demand nor can you expect it.  However, we MAY decide to make some changes that you request, but this is an optional service and given solely at our discretion.  In some cases, it is a chargeable service.

1.8 If you require MINOR terraform changes, we have made a free Terraform Request Kit available to you, which will allow you to indicate the changes you want us to make. Use this to show us how you want your land surface altering, because verbal instruction are never accurate enough, nor can we walk around the island with you while you point at things.

1.9 You may also consider placing your house, pool, outdoor hot tub, dock or whatever were you want it to be, and THEN call us in to embed the land so it appears as a natural part of the terrain, rather than being just dumped on the land as an afterthought.

1.10 The Eden owners always have the final word on any terraforming or landscaping decisions to ensure the fabric and essence of the estate is preserved. We will shape the edges of your island within your parcel to give it a natural look, in order to accommodate your boats and mooring, but we don’t usually allow major or substantial modifications such as deep water harbours cut into the islands.

1.11 If you really, really do require significant changes to your island, you need to discuss this with us first, and if we agree to do it, there is a discretionary charge (paid in advance) of L$999 for the work involved in changing it to suit your requirements (and then the work we have to do to change it back after you leave)

1.12 If there is an object, such as a rock or tree, near to your parcel, that is NOT on your parcel but is part of the Eden estate, you may request that we move it, although we are not obliged to do so.

2. Special Sim Restrictions:

2.1 Eden Naturopolis was the fist ever Eden sim to be built and is has always been a public access area. Anyone is allowed to visit there and use the facilities as long as they conform to the Rules in this Covenant.

2.2 We also have several public sims dedicated to public use. These include the two marinas (Eden Siskin and Eden Jakana) and the airport on Eden Gateway.

2.3 Please be aware that most of the sims in the Eden Naturist Estate are reserved for the private estate of the owners, Elbag Gable and Brenda Hoisin. Whilst we are happy for Eden residents and non-residents alike to use our waters, please respect the privacy of parcels on our residential areas.

3. Buying & Tier

3.1 You DON’T need a “Premium Account” to own land in The Eden Naturist Estate, nor will such land ownership count towards your Linden Lab tier. However, you WILL BE REQUIRED to maintain weekly-based tier fee payments to The Eden Naturist Estate, who, in turn, have to pass it directly to the Linden Labs.

3.2 If you want to buy a parcel and make a home in The Eden Naturist Estate, right-click the land and choose “Buy Land…”; then agree to the covenant and press “Purchase”. Then pay at least one week’s tier at the “tier box”, by right-clicking it, which you will find located just outside your parcel. Inform the management about your purchase as soon as possible so they can invite you into the Eden Naturist Estate group.

3.3 Membership of the Eden Naturist Estate is a requirement of purchase since it is used to circulate information to all users of the estate – it is the main line of communication between the estate’s managers and the residents and visitors. Membership of the group also allows you to use the correct Group Role (such as Resident or Tenant) to enable you to rez your items.

3.4 Your island or other land parcel has sloping beaches for your sunbathing pleasure but any seaway within the boundaries of your parcel must always remain navigable by boats and other craft. Please don’t have any objects such as homes, docks or crafts protruding from your parcel boundary and into navigable waters.

3.5 If any of your possessions encroach into public land or Eden seaways then the Estate Officers may return them without warning.

3.6 Subletting is only permitted for Eden sim-owners, and only then with prior consent by the Eden management.

4. Rules of Behaviour

4.1  Eden is a naturist resort so being naked is positively encouraged, although not enforced.  Please respect our Covenant and if you arrive clothed, remove all your garments at the earliest opportunity. Wearing only sandals or light, summer shoes is acceptable.  This applies to all residents, tenants and visitors.

4.2 Please remember that the adjoining Fruit Islands Estate is NOT a naturist area, so cover up when you leave Eden waters.

4.3 Don’t harass others. This includes advertising, escorts, soliciting, headings, music, spurious sounds, etc. No combat or weapons or attachments of a violent nature. If anyone reports you we will take it seriously.

4.4 Don’t use the Eden Naturist Estate Group chat channel for spam or adverts. If you have an announcement to make, check it with the Eden staff, first.

4.5 If you are living the Eden Naturist Estate, whether on public or private land, or even if you are just visiting Eden, you are entitled to be naked. No one can insist that you have to cover up.  If they try, please report them to the Management. Use the Eden Help Desk to report them.

5. Avatar Appearance.

5.1 To preserve our integrity of realism, we have restricted the look of avatars in Eden to human avatars only. While we welcome all human avatars of all shapes, sizes, colour, ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation and creed, we insist that your avatar must be human in appearance.

5.2 No avatars resembling werewolves, cyborgs, robots, animals or other creature avatars, fairies, furries, tinies or giant purple bunnies and no non-human appendages.  The owners of Eden will always have that last say in any decision.

5.2.1 Goreans are welcome but need to follow the Eden Covenant covering overt sexual behavior in public. BDSM-themed collars and cuffs are allowed, but you cannot be led around the resort on a chain or engage in public BDSM related activities or behavior.

5.3 As of 2014, we have decided to allowed SL mer-folk access to Eden, although you need to remain in or under the water if you are in mer-form. As of 2017, Non-humans are allowed in Eden Phoenix as long as they remain in the sim.

5.3.1 Our residents and visitors expect to only encounter humans, after all we are a human-based naturist sim.  You MUST always be prepared to appear in human form if you’re in any Eden public area OR even if you are in public view but we can be flexible if it’s kept in private, either inside your own domicile or within your apartment. But please check with Eden management if you’re unsure as you may generate a complaint against you, if you’re seen.

5.4 No overly large male or female body parts – this includes oversized male members or super-sized boobs – to be displayed in public in any area of the estate. Eden is a naturist resort so by its very nature it is sensual, and we are trying to keep it sensual rather than sexual. If you have over-large, parts, you are changing the tone, making it sexual and pornographic. Humans come in many different shapes and sizes, so we are flexible in our judgement on this matter, but if we feel any part of your avatar is unrealistic then you will be told so and asked to fix it. We understand that this is a delicate issue, but please respect our decision which is based on propriety, common sense and in the interests of the estate and its integrity and of the majority of the residents and visitors. It is NOT personal. But it IS final.

5.5 No cheap looking newbie skins, hair or body parts, please.. Your avatar must resemble a normal human to the best of your abilities. If you are unsure how to accomplish this, please ask us for help. NOTE: Good quality skins and appendages are available for free at the Eden Marketplace in the Naturopolis sim, so you have no excuse. We have some absolutely stunning-looking naked male and female avatars living in Eden. We want you to be one of them.

6. Sexual conduct:

6.1 Although we are a naturist estate, we do not condone overt explicit sexual behaviour in our public areas.  Public displays of affection are fine, but we do not allow sexual activities in public areas. And no sexually explicit chat in public areas. Please keep personal or explicit chat in IMs. However, if you own your own parcel or island in Eden, you can dress and behave as sexually as you wish within your own boundaries. If passers-by see anything that shocks them, they will know not to look the next time.

6.2 We are a mature estate, therefore: 1) real-life age of the owner of the avatar entering Eden must allow them to enter a Mature region, as defined by Linden Lab’s Terms of Service; and 2) the avatar that enters Eden must bear a human-form adult appearance that clearly resembles a mature real-life adult person.

7. Other Considerations:

7.1 Don’t leave objects on other residents’ land. (Eden estate provides a variety of free vehicle rezzers for the use of residents and visitors alike – these vehicles de-rezz after two minutes of leaving the driving position, so you’re safe to walk away from them when you’re done).

7.2 Respect the privacy of residents living here. Flying over a parcel or entering its water for a short time is acceptable and sometimes even necessary, but don’t walk on other peoples’ property or enter their homes without an invitation.

7.3 Please don’t stretch the limits of common sense in respect of any building or landscaping work you carry out on your parcel, you will be asked to remove or moderate anything that is deemed out of context.

7.4 DO be respectful of your fellow residents and visitors and expect to be respected in turn.

7.5 DO have fun whether you live here or whether you are just visiting.

7.6 The Eden Naturopolis sim is a public area and is open and welcoming to anyone who is resident on the estate or who is visiting and wishes to spend time with us here, especially if they want to enjoy some stress-free time being naked. Eden Siskin is also public areas.  All the waterways of Eden are available for use to the sailing community.

7.7 As with everything in Second Life we can’t predict every kind of abuse, so if you have a problem please contact the Eden Estate manager, Elbag Gable or Brenda Hoisin.

8. Parcels and Islands

8.1 The estate is already terraformed and laid out. Some of the landscaping features are outside your parcel boundaries.  Existing trees and rocks won’t count against your parcel prim allowance. If there are any landscaping features inside your parcel (as there are with some of the older islands) please do not simply return them.  Contact us first to allow us to remove them properly, rather have them fly back unannounced into our Lost & Found folder.

8.2 The Eden Estate doesn’t buy parcels back, but you are allowed to resell them and we are also happy to help you do that. Parcel sales are FINAL and BINDING. All Eden parcels have a fixed price that is calculated according to the following formula:

Price = 7.5 x Parcel Prim Allocation

where Prim Allowance is the maximum amount of prims that can be used by the resident, stated in the parcel’s tierbox (NOT the maximum amount of prims supported by the parcel).

8.3 You may exchange a parcel you own in the estate for another which differs by at least 20% in prim count than your existing parcel and which is being sold by the estate management. An adjusted purchase price will be charged and the tier payment in hand will be adjusted accordingly. Downsizing via exchange is limited to once per 6 months.

8.4 Extra prims can be provided when and if they are available and this will clearly increase your weekly tier payment proportionally. Ask the management for details.

8.5 We CAN join parcels for you to make a larger parcel if they border each other. We CAN’T subdivide a parcel or change it’s layout in any different configuration then the original one.

8.6 We are always happy to accommodate any special land requirements and can provide full sims quickly to your specification and attach them to the Eden Naturist Estate.

8.7 We cannot add your own existing sims to our estate.  The only way to own a sim as part of Eden is for us to buy it and sell it to you at cost.

8.7 Permission to sub-let your parcel may be allowed after permission to do so has been requested of the Eden Estate Management. Regardless though YOU will still be responsible that all building and Eden Estate behavior rules and tier payments are maintained.

8.8 Please do not ask any Eden staff member for advice in reselling a parcel. We have to remain neutral and we will not get involved.

8.9 If you see any ban lines in Eden, please report them to us as they are not permitted anywhere in the Estate, and we will get them removed. However, if no one else can see them it’s probably because you’ve been banned from the parcel by the parcel owner.  You’ll need to contact the parcel owner themselves if you think you have a grievance.  Please don’t ask us to intervene, arbitrate or to get you unbanned as we do not get involved with these sort of decisions by owners of private parcels.

9. Construction Rules

9.1 Tikis are encouraged. Only ONE house per parcel is permitted – if you want more ask us first.  Keep at least a third of your parcel free from structures – we’re not a town..

9.2 We have had Eden residents erect all sorts of places as homes within Eden, such as tree houses, cathedrals, fairyland palaces, futuristic domes and giant pyramids.  They all had to go.  Be advised that if we think it doesn’t conform to the look and feel of the Eden estate, we will ask you to try again with a more suitable one.  If in doubt, check with us first. Try sailing or flying around the Estate and see what others have used.

9.3 No lighthouses, as houses or ornaments. We have more than enough of our own, thank you, and we don’t need any more – they are considered a hazard to navigation and can cause confusion when sailing.

9.4 Any structure that we deem too wide or too high will be rejected – even if its entirely within your parcel. Look at what others have erected.  Use your common sense.

9.5 The Eden Estate Resort Managers and Owners decision is final as regards the suitability of any building or structure proposed for use by residents on their parcels.

9.6 If you want to construct your own home, that’s great. But please follow the aesthetic rules of the estate.  Also, don’t turn your parcel into a building site – you can’t just leave it partially completed.  Move it up to a skybox above your parcel and well out of the way of the rest of the estate. We’ll allow you a day or tow at the most, but after that it needs to be moved until it’s ready.

9.7 We’ve had too many tenants asking us to substantially redesign the parcel for them (which we have done) only for them to bail out a short time later, whereupon we have to undo all the work that was done and return the parcel back to it’s original state.  Therefore, if a tenant wants any alterations to their property which includes terraforming or the replacement of any existing Eden structures, such as houseboats), then they will first need to pay an advance payment of 4 weeks rental/tier on their property.   Residents wishing to purchase full sims can also be accommodated and again this will be dependent upon their paying for all sim procurement costs and paying four weeks tier in advance.

10 Additional Construction Rules

10.1 We do not allow unauthorised commercial activities of any description in any property other than that sanctioned by the Estate Management. This includes: no “private” party clubs, no vendors or advertising boards on your plot and no commercial advertising that leads people to your parcel or anybody else’s parcel. This also ensures that we can keep lag to a minimum at all times in all sims on the Eden Naturist Estate.

10.2 Breedables of any description are not permitted in the estate. We have had residents try and keep a variety of breedables on or above their parcels, and these have caused heavy lag.

10.3 Each parcel is provided with some basic landscaping.  Your own additions must be of tropical, subtropical, Mediterranean or jungle plants, placed on the ground and set to phantom.  We don’t know how many times we need to say this, but doing your own terraforming is not allowed. See Section 1 for more details,

10.3.1 Please ensure that your constructions and foliage are NOT set to full bright, or we’ll return them for you to fix.

10.4 Structures in the sky, such as skyboxes or work platforms, are only permitted if you own the parcel beneath them and cannot exceed your parcel boundaries. They should be placed well above 500 meters, so they don’t appear on the SL land maps of the Eden sims.  If you leave Eden, please remember to take them (and anything else of yours) with you! You’d be amazed at what some residents leave behind!

10.6 No obstructive signs, major eyesores or rotating objects. No moving/switching textures. For Sale and renting signs can’t be bigger than 3x3x1 meters and must be placed on the ground.

10.7 Please keep your particle effects, sound and video generators and prims well inside your own parcel and ensure they’re not visible from the public land.

10.8 No off-sim structures are permitted other than those installed by the Eden Estate Management. If you own your own sim within Eden, please consult with us first.

10.9 No “zero prim” scripts (i.e. laggy scripts that regenerate temporary prims in a cycle so they appear as permanent prims to the viewers).

10.10 The management ultimately reserve the right to remove (or ask to be removed or changed) any object, item or facility on any parcel on any sim at any time as they deem appropriate. We will attempt to warn you and give you a reason before we actually return anything, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll get any of our messages in time.

10.11 Security orbs or devices that expel or prohibit access to your parcel are not permitted unless they can be set to protect a volume cube encompassing your house.  All “people ejectors” fall into this category.  If you want to ban someone, you can also use the Parcel Management tools you will already have at your disposal.  Ban lines are also expressly forbidden.

10.12 Do not place adverts or tip jars for yourself or others on any of the Eden Public land or sea space unless you have obtained the permission of one of the owners to do so.

11. Tier Payment Default

11.1 The tier payment boxes are set to allow one week’s grace – after that time, if tier is not paid, the land parcel will be repossessed, cleared and set for re-sale.

11.2 If you are unable to pay your tier before it goes in arrears, and you do NOT intend to leave the estate, please contact the management. We may allow dispensation for a short time to allow you to recover your financial situation but deferred payments resulting must and will be recovered by increasing the parcel tier over the following 6 weeks.

11.3 Not paying the tier in the required time fashion without making an agreement with the management, or violating any of the rules in this covenant means that your parcel can be reclaimed and all your objects returned. Eden Estate Management are not responsible for objects getting lost during the returning process. You will receive NO REFUND and you may be banned from the estate. In such circumstances
the Eden Estate Management become the absolute owner of the default parcel again.

12. Service & Support

12.1 If you have a problem, a question, a request, need some assistance, don’t understand something in this covenant, or find that someone is violating the rules, feel free to contact us through any of the following methods:

Elbag Gable. Email:
Brenda Hoisin. Email:

Our website is at:
Eden Naturist Estate owners run on UK time which is SLT +8.  We have several Officers and Rangers who are on at most times so you should be able to contact one if you need one.

12.2 Eden Naturist Estate managers reserve the right to alter this covenant from time to time as they deem appropriate without consultation. The latest version can always be found on our website.


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