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Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Eden Naturist Estate. You may also want to refer to the Property FAQ.

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please add your question to the list (see the bottom of this page to add a question)

Question: How can I find the Eden Naturist Estate in Second Life?
Answer: We can be found by searching for “Eden Naturist” in your search box in your Second Life browser. You’ll also find a SLurl on the home page here.  Just click on it to go there.

Question: Can anyone visit Eden?
Answer: Yes, there’s free access to all the facilities at Eden for anyone in Second Life who wants to visit us.  The only thing we ask is you remove your clothes once you arrive as we’re a naturist estate.

Question: Is there a Second Life group to join?
Answer: You can join the group if you want to, but you’re still welcome, even if you’re not a member. If you want to join, there are plenty of boxes around the public areas that say “Touch to join the Eden Group”.

Question: Does it cost anything to join?
Answer: To join the group, it’s a one-off charge of L$300 which makes you a VIP member of Eden.

Question: What’s the advantages in joining?
Answer: Membership of the group entitles you to access all the free vehicles on Naturopolis. Just hop in and drive off.  Another will rez in it’s place and yours will derez a few minutes after you’ve got off.

Question: Can I rez here?
Answer: There is a designated boat rezzing area if you have a boat you wish to sail your own.  All residents of the islands and apartments have full rez permissions in their own homes.

Question: Can I live here?
Answer: Yes, of course.  We have economy rental apartments in Naturopolis and luxury waterside apartments in other parts of Eden.  We also sell parcels and islands on the Eden sims. You can even take out a mortgage on an island, i.e. you pay rent for a while and once you’ve paid off the purchase price, the island is yours, rent-free.  You can read how to buy land in the Eden Naturist Estate here.

Question: Are there any Rules of Conduct?
Answer: Yes, the Eden Code says “Be Naked and be Nice”.  The official rules are written into the Covenant of the land and apply to all visitors and residents alike.   A full version as available on this site here.  You can get them in Eden by touching the “Guides” notice at the Hub in Naturopolis.

Question: I can’t seem to fly – why not?
Answer: Flying has been turned off in the Estate to accentuate the experience of realism.  However, we have provided vehicles that travel on land, sea and air so you can travel around in style!  There’s also a teleport grid you can hop on and select your destination from a menu.

Question: I’m a giant purple bunny, can I join in the fun?
Answer: We are striving to make Eden as realistic as possible (one reason why you’ll see very few pose balls).  Yes, we know there’s a whole menagerie out there in SL – furries, tinys, angels, faeries, dwarves, robots, amoebas and even giant purple bunnies.  But if we allow SOME non-human avatars in, then in fairness we must let ALL non-human avatars in – and Eden will turn into yet another SL circus freak show.  (If you’re looking for that, go and visit Wild Coast instead)  Please understand, we’re not barring anyone.  You are more than welcome to come to Eden, just do so in human form. We even have top quality free and full perm human skins, shapes, hair and attachments if you are still struggling with your basic newbie ones.  We allow not only humans but those who are human in appearance, so we allow cyborgs that are mostly human, and vampires.   You still have to be naked, though!

Question: How can I keep informed about Eden Events?
Answer: Members of they Eden Naturist group will find they get a message when something new or exciting is about to happen in the Estate. Those who don’t wish to receive information can easily opt out.  If you’re not a group member but still want to know about future events we provide, there’s a terminal out front at the Hub in Naturopolis to register yourself if you would like information about future events.



2 responses to “Eden FAQs

  1. drake1nightfire

    17 May 2016 at 10:41 am

    “Please understand, we’re not barring anyone. You are more than welcome to come to Eden, just do so in human form.”
    You do realize that is a contradiction in terms, right?
    We aren’t barring anyone, just all non humans..

    • brendahoisin

      17 May 2016 at 8:28 pm

      You are confusing real people with their avatars. We welcome all real people of all shapes, sizes, religions, colours, ethnicities, genders and creeds. However, we have tried to provide our visitors and residents with a realistic naturist experience. So we expect those who come to Eden to respect our rules and take on an avatar of human appearance while they are here.

      But if we get any requests from real life non-humans, we will consider them!


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