Eden Owners

Eden Owners:

Eden Owners, Brenda and Elbag

We are Elbag Gable and Brenda Hoisin, and together we built and own Eden in Second Life.  We’ve known each other in Second Life for many years but we’ve known each other in RL chat for decades (Yes, really!)  This project is a culmination of many months of work and planning and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did in making it.

You’ll often find us lounging around the Estate, so don’t hesitate to call us over. If you need to contact us, you can IM us in Second Life, but please be aware that our IMs are often capped.  The most reliable way is to write a Note Card and drop it onto one of our profiles.  We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. There’s also staff boards outside the Pavilion at the Naturopolis hub. Just touch one of them to leave us a message.

Eden Estate Manager:

In the Eden naturist Estate, we constantly strive to ensure that your life within the Estate is as trouble-free as possible. So, we have appointed several Eden Estate Manages.  You may have seen them doing patrols around Eden looking for abandoned boats and other clutter and keeping an eye out for griefers. They are useful contacts for any problems you have in Eden. They’re very experienced in looking after a community of people and helping to solve all of their problems from “How do I stream music” to “This person is causing me problems”.

Please use the Estate Managers as your first contact in resolving any problems you have in Eden.  We still have our Eden Officers, of course to meet and greet newcomers and to help out around the Estate.

If you have any problems in the Eden Naturist Estate, speak with our Eden Estate Manager.

Eden Officers

We also have officers on the Estate who are often present when we are not available.  You can contact them as they have the ability to resolve many issues that arise during day to day running of the sim.  The Estate Manager will arrange everything that you need.  Don’t worry about asking them to do something for you… that’s their job!

You’ll find a list of Eden Naturist Estate officers here.

SLurl Link:
You can visit the Eden Naturist Estate from here.

Eden Victoria:

Elbag and Brenda at home

We also own Eden Victoria, a private sim joined onto the Eden Estate, in the South West of the Estate.  Eden Victoria is a beautiful woodland sim with it’s own coastline, Victorian House, forests, rivers and even a Victorian-style Folly.  This sim is our residence, so we live right on the Estate’s doorstep.  Although Eden Victoria is a private sim, we often have guests and residents over for a casual game of naked tennis in the lawns and naturist walks and bridal paths around the surrounding countryside.  Who knows?  You might even get to discover the shocking secret inside Pan’s Temple.


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