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Eden Helpers:

Eden Helpers

Eden Helpers gather on the waterfront at Naturopolis..

We have special designated Eden Helpers that are often in the Eden Naturist Estate when we are not there.  They are there to help out with any problems that arise during the day-to-day running of the Estate.  They will offer greetings and welcome any new members.  They can also explain the rules, and show people around, if needed.  Some of them operate in different time zones to the owners and some even live on the premises!

You can always recognise an official Eden Helper by their tag. It also shows that they’re on duty.  Don’t worry about asking them anything them to help you… they love it!  

Eden Helper Staff include:


Eden Helper Roles

There are 4 main roles:

* Guide (General helper, guide, tour operator and welcomer)
* Warden (same as Guide but includes ability to return objects)
* Officer (same as Warden, but includes ability to ban residents)
* Estate Manager: (Full estate powers)

If you are considering offering yourself as an Eden Helper, you’ll start as a Guide until you’re ready to move up to the next Role.  The extract below is from the notecard: Roles in the Eden Naturist Estate:

The role of an Eden Helper v4
Many residents have said that they want to help out with the day-to-day running of Eden. To allow for this, we have made three Roles in the Eden Naturist Estate group. Once you are in the group, you will be able to select and wear the group tag. Some of the roles come with additional Estate powers. Always wear your Eden Helper Tag when on duty so that residents know who you are.

The tasks of the roles is to be an on-site presence in the Estate Owner’s absence in matters of the day to day smooth running of the Estate. You need to spend a certain amount of your time in the Estate performing the following duties. We are a naturist estate and so you WILL need to be naked when “on duty” or performing these tasks.

Please familiarise yourself with the rules of Eden. You can see them in the Eden Covenant on our web site, here. It is really important that you know the Rules and Covenant that governs the Estate. If you need help, you can contact our Estate manager, or one of our designated Eden Officers.

Eden Naturist Estate website is here:

Eden Covenant is here:

Eden Staff Web Page is here:

Roles in the Eden Naturist Estate:
There are 4 main roles available:

Guide, Warden, Officer, Estate Manager

Eden Role: G u i d e
Description: This role is a combination of welcomer, meeter and greeter. Your role is to keep an eye out for new arrivals teleporting in or sailing into Eden. If you see anyone you do not recognise as a member (check their tag) greet them, say hello, tell them who you are and ask if you can help them. If they are new to Eden, you could offer to show them around the place and explain some of the facilities available. Explain anything about the sim that they may find confusing. In particular, point out the Guides and Rules for the Estate, which they can find out for our website.

If their appearance still look like the standard SL newbie, tell them about the Eden Naturist Marketplace (or escort them there) where there are free, high quality skins for males and females, along with free appendages for the males. They need to understand that their appearance must be as realistic as possible if they are to remain in the Estate, so (for example) no robots, aliens or giant purple bunnies.

Point people in the directions of our many facilities. Ask them what they are looking for, they may just be wanting to explor or sail or maybe they’ve just come to look around or lie the beach.

Work out a couple of suitable tours (shorter one, longer one) that you can give people who might want to be shown around the Estate. Escort them around and show them things. Take them on one of the boats you can get from the boat rezzers. The Fishing boat (North of Naturopolis) is a nice, slow sedate one.

Make sure they know they can always use the Eden Help Desk for help at any time. All requests to the help desk are logged and we always respond.

Inform them that the Estate has an official website and it explains everything they need to know about the Estate.

You should be able to field any question that comes your way, if not, make a note of it and ask us for clarification.

If you see anyone misbehaving or disturbing the peace then IM them and advice them politely that they need to stop. Tell them that continued misbehaviour will result in a ban from the sim. (See the rules for what is deemed unacceptable behaviour of any visitors and residents)


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