Eden Estate Managers

As well as the Eden officers, Eden also has an elite group of special high-ranking officers – the Estate Managers.  They represent Eden when the owners are not present.

[Note: You’ll find a list of the regular Eden Naturist Estate officers by clicking here]

List of Eden Naturist Estate managers (Click their names to see their profiles)

  • Dengo Pimpernel (Technical Estate Manager)

If you have any questions about Eden please feel free to contact them at any time.  So, drop them a notecard or an IM, if you have questions about things like…

  • joining one of our groups
  • changing your group tag to resident or tenant
  • security panels in the apartment blocks
  • streaming media and TV deeding
  • moving your parcel or island
  • buying more prim allowance
  • what kind of buildings are acceptable
  • rules and regulations for the naturist areas
  • paying the rentals on land parcels, apartments or slips
  • use of security orbs in Eden
  • sailing in Eden and beyond
  • events and attractions in Eden
  • clearing away any abandoned or crashed boats and planes.
  • the EYBC (Eden’s Yachting and Boating Club)

Dengo Pimpernel (Estate Manager)

Dengo Pimpernel

Dengo Pimpernel and friends, Iva and Brenda

Dengo is an amazing scripter and mesh constructor in Second Life.   He has owned and run his own estate for a long time but sold it to concentrate on building and gadget making.

Being our Special Tasks Estate Manager allows him to strike the right balance between these two differing disciplines.

Dengo is responsible for designing and building the structures at the residential EYBC Sunbird Marina and Home Harbour. He also scripted and built our slip rental boxes and all the Eden tier boxes.



One response to “Eden Estate Managers

  1. Jenni Eales

    6 November 2012 at 10:23 pm

    Hello Brenda and Elbag,
    I like that new page and will link it with my own wordpress page. Looking forward to see more info, photos and contributions here.

    Jenni Eales
    (Eden Wren)


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