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Free The Nipple – The Prequel.

Elbag and Brenda were pushing the #FreeTheNipple agenda many years ago as this photo taken in 2012 in Eden Victoria.

eden b & E (3)

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New video of Eden

Watch this amazing video to see a tour of some of the Eden Naturist Estate airports by Sheree of the SLAviationNetwork

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Susan and Buck Return

How time flies. Six years ago, Susan Paquat and her partner Buck, were regular visitors to the Eden Naturist Estate.    That was way back in 2010.  Since then, she  and Buck have been busy sailing and exploring the rest of Second Life and having plenty of adventures along the way.  But now they’re back, looking a little older and no doubt much wiser. And just in time to see out the year 2016.  I joined them at the Eden Haven Marina, on some floaters behind their aptly-named boat, “No Tan Lines” for a catch-up chat while they were waiting for the free ABBA concert to start.

“I got Buck to rename the boat”, said Susan, “His original name for it was ‘Booby Trap'”.  “It could have been worse,” I said, “He could have called it Titty Wrangler”. “Don’t give him any ideas,” laughed Susan.


This is how Susan and Buck looked back in 2010 on their boat at Naturopolis Harbour.

And here’s how they look now as we waited for the free ABBA concert to start by the Eden Haven Marina. Hair is a little lighter now, but they’re still two of the nicest residents you could meet.


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Eden Kite Apartments

Mr and Mrs Fletch are often found sunning themselves outside their apartment at Eden Kite. Apartments here are low priced, high quality apartments complete with their own slip and come ready furnished.

Nichole Fletch and her husband relaxing outside their apartment at Eden Kite.

Brenda meets Nichole Fletch and her husband, relaxing outside their apartment at Eden Kite.

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New Light Beacons for Eden Marinas

Astet Britt, is a talented SL creator and a keen sailor and boat-maker. She saw how I had adapted one of her statues as a light beacon for Eden Siskin.


Astet Britt’s adapted statue at Eden Siskin

Astet was inspired to create a unique statue, designed specifically for Eden. Although she has subsequently put the statue up for sale in her store on the Second Life Marketplace, she has given us one that is textured in copper – the only one of its kind.  We have proudly installed them at the entrances to the Siskin Marina and also at the Eden Haven Marina.


The Eden Haven Marina light beacon statue

The statue holds an eternally burning flame, similar to the one held by Adam and Eve, the two massive statues at the original entrance to Eden at Eden Gateway.


The 100 fit high statues of Adam and Eve at Eden Gateway, symbolising the two aspects of the Eden Naturist Estate: nudity and beauty.

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Close Encounter

This late night chance meeting happened when I bumped into Kim Farleigh, while sailing through the waters of Eden.   We both happened to be heading for the same sim to check out the night time views.


Kim Farleigh and Brenda cross paths while sailing late at night in the warm waters of Eden.

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New Stone Statues at Eden Sparrow

I thought I would add another interesting landmark by the shore of Eden Sparrow in the Eden Naturist Estate to help all the lost sailors trying to navigate through the maze of waterways around Eden.  This is a huge pair of stone statues, that speaks volumes for what Eden is all about.


The stone statues by the shore at Eden Sparrow.

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