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Free The Nipple

elbag_and_doreen_topless_003_720Elbag Gable, the Owner of Eden, seen out sailing with Doreen Sorex, a long-time resident of Eden Estate.  They both seem to have joined the #FreeTheNipple campaign.

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Major Volcano Eruption on Eden Wagtail

Marcy announced today the surprise eruption of Mt Masaya.  It is currently spewing lava flows into the ocean around the mountain.  All reports indicate that the houseboats in the area are safe, (for the time being) 😉

Mt Masaya


Mt Masaya

Mt Masaya

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Thursday March 26 2015

Today marks the beginning of class racing featuring the new Trudeau 12 Metre Yacht.

The first race of what we assume will be many throughout Second Life was held today in the North Sea between Fruit Islands and Eden Naturist Resort.  Seven boats competed for the top spot in two races directed by Petra.

Details and Winners can be seen at

Below are a few pictures of these elegant boats in action taken by yours truly.

Melody Paslong, Eden Reporter


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QUEEN + Blue Lagoon Marina = A Great Time!

We saw High Voltage Entertainment’s fabulous tribute to QUEEN today at the Blue Lagoon Marina, Eden Resort’s place for Entertainment and Parties.  Marcy tells me there will be a Tribute show once a month and a live performance singer once a month, along with DJ dances almost every day of the week.

So here’s the place to be for dancing and partying and socializing.
“See you at the Blue Lagoon!”    😉

queen_012queen_002queen_003queen_005queen_008queen_011Be sure to stop by Eden Jakana Sim and check out the Reader Board by the dance floor to see what is happening for the week.


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Poseidon Centre is Opened with A Fab Cruise and Party

Tuesday Feb 10.

The New Poseidon Centre is finished and is a wonderful facility serving the North Sea, Eden and Fruit Islands.  The Leeward Cruising Club kicked it off by hosting one of its weekly cruises this evening followed by a great party at the Centre.

All Edenaughts are invited to go check out the new Centre and see the great Statue of Poseidon at the West end of the facility.LCC_002LCC_007LCC_011LCC_018LCC_036LCC_037

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Eden Kiwi – Skyboxes and Marina

January 23 2012

Welcome to the New Year Edenaughts, more exciting changes are taking place in SL’s favorite Paradise!


The Skyboxes on Eden Kiwi are now available for rent.  Each one has a fully furnished Skybox with a Dock for Moorage.  In the center of the Moorage docks you will find a Vendor, click the picture for information and to get a LM to visit one of the homes.

Stay tuned for more exciting news on changes going on here in our little paradise.

I encourage anyone interested to visit this lovely sim and check out the skyboxes, they are among the finest I’ve seen here in SL.

Melody Paslong
Eden Reporter

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New Listing Boards for Available Islands and Apartments

The following notice was sent out by Dengo this morning.

 Dengo Pimpernel: Edennauts, if you have someone interested in leasing or renting in Eden, I have put rental boards in Naturopolis and EYBC that show available islands and apartments, and are updated automatically.

This is a great convenience to anyone looking to rent or lease here in Eden and a slap on the back goes out to Dengo for another great improvement to Eden Naturist Resort.  Keep up the good work Dengo..  😉

Melody Paslong, Eden Reporter.

Eden Rentals_006 Eden Rentals_007

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