Naturopolis – the capital sim of Eden

Bring your friends to experience Naturopolis

The Naturopolis Naturist Resort is right at the heart of the Eden Naturist Estate and there’s always plenty to see and do.  It’s a dedicated full sim designed with naturism in mind.  You can while away your time lying on the golden beaches with your friends, watching the sun set over the sea.  If you and your partner want some quiet time, you can take a gentle stroll through the beautiful landscaped mountainous region, with it’s lush vegetation, winding river, plunging waterfalls, swaying rope bridges and secret coves.

Getting Around

The Eden Scooter

Getting about at Naturopolis is great fun.  There are free vehicles that any group member can simply jump onto and start driving or flying around the Estate.  Don’t worry, once you drive one away, another one will replace it.  And when you get off, it will disappear after a few moments.  For those of you with a nervous disposition, there’s a networked grid of discrete teleporter pads that you’ll find at every major location.  Just sit on it or touch it to get a menu of destinations.  And, of course, you can simply walk to wherever you want to go, enjoying the scenery and the landscape as you go.  You can sail, walk or fly around the waters of Naturopolis taking in the scenery.  Or you can simply use the network of discrete teleport pads around the area that offer you a list of destinations.

Eden speedboats

Meeting Places

You won’t be short of places to visit at Naturopolis.  There’s a decked pool area with free towels, floaters you can actually ride, swimmable Linden water and a hot tub to relax in.  And a large Tiki bar with multi pose stools and swing seats.

Eden's vibrant harbour

There are also plenty of quiet spots for you to discover in Eden

The well-appointed hot tub by the beach is a great place to make new friends...

Enjoy a drink at the bar - with multi-pose stools and free drinks dispensers.

Take a stroll along the expansive waterfront and watch the yachts coming in to the Marina from the nearby Yacht Club at the 100 sim Fruit Islands estate

Visit the tropical decked pool area with sunbathing areas, tables and parasols to hang out with your friends


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