Naked Dreams

There is a special sim in Eden called Naked Dreams. It is the one built by the multi-talented Teresa Kohoben, and she has recreated the original sim of Buffy’s Cove, a legend in SL naturism.

Welcome to Naked Dreams in Eden

Teresa says… “Naked dreams was born when some naturist folk in Second Life wanted to see Buffys the way it was and how it used to be over several years.

I fell in love with the original Buffys many years ago and found it to be one of the most interesting and magnificent Sims in S.L. I was so lucky to be the part owner and builder there over two years but sadly had to move on.

The wonderful Brenda and Elbag from the Eden Estates invited me to re-create Buffys as it was when I was builder there and after several months of doing nothing in SL, decided it was the right time.

Naked Dreams is slightly smaller than the original Buffys. The land foot print came out of my head as I terrafirmed so its not exactly the same as Buffys was but the memories of the shady palms and lush tropical tracks can be found at Naked Dreams just the same.

I hope you enjoy walking along the cool palm-fringed tracks as I do, just as nature intended. And be sure to visit the underwater reef just off the main village area under the stone wharf. it’s pretty close to how it was back when I first made it.

Finally peace and love to everyone who comes to visit us. Leave your clothes and your worries behind and relax on the golden sands and in your mind of naked dreams..”


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Naked Dreams at sunset

Update: Naked Dreams 2013

Teresa Kohoben writes…

What a strange and wonderful world Second Life can be! I have been asked to update what’s been going on at Naked Dreams and I am only too happy to report a lot is the answer!

Before I go on to let you all know about the improvements, I want to openly invite you to Naked Dreams. This Island is your Island, it’s for Naturists who love peace and harmony. It’s for Eden residents to enjoy, bring their friends and love all the amenities the island has to offer.

Many an Eden sailor has dropped anchor in the crystal clear lagoon or pulled up along many of its very boating friendly waterways.

I am so proud of the Eden Estate and its residents. You would find it hard to get a better crew anywhere. Owners Elbag and Brenda, backed by its very capable staff, offer a myriad of Islands to explore all in tropical beauty and lush tranquillity. It was in this light that I was asked to build Naked Dreams. A glimpse back in time to a sim many naturists enjoyed in SL many years ago. An open and free Island offered in good faith to treasure and enjoy.

Now onto the improvements… I have always tried to use the almost unlimited potential of building in SL and blend that with a reality so that as you walk the leafy palm frond laden pathways of the Island, you really get the feeling you are actually there.

Around a year ago, I finally achieved what I had strived for over so many years and that was to have every building and structure on the Island actually made by myself. You wont see any purchased buildings on Naked Dreams!

In my past Islands I always loved having some secret spots hidden in the build. Naked Dreams is no different. There are many places you will find very un-expectantly. Try walking behind the altar in the Church. Some careful exploring will lead you to a giant crypt and an even smaller one under there. Trapdoors, built in tp’s and secret panels are the order of the day. If you persevere it will lead you to the secret tunnels!

Probably still one of the most surprising finds will be the Merfolk friendly Underwater room and looped viewing tube. Simply touch the low wall on the stone wharf on the southside of the island to get in. A simple touch to the glass wall delivers you safely to the wharf again! A little exploring there and you might even find the secret tunnels that join the crypt buildings and Church. Its all up to you! Don’t stop looking though, there are some beautiful discrete areas on Naked Dreams to simply hug and kiss your lover!

Para-sailing gently across Naked Dreams

Para-sailing gently across Naked Dreams

SL is people. People using their imagination and skills to deliver our ‘second’ life. The human mind is very inventive and you must remain open to change knowing its more definite than anything else. Imagine my surprise when I had a beautiful ND resident challenge my way of building. With help from her, I have been able to save so many prims in the new mesh structures and featured builds on the island. What a challenge for me to learn how to use Blender! However, this has meant I can place even more amenities all over the Island.

You can now do all these things in no particular order. Skydive from the ND platform and landing target. Windsurf, Kiteboard, Kayak on a single or double Kayak, Row a boat. Swim. Surf on a surfboard. Fly a free Helicopter. Hang glide. Climb up and down Trees. Walk the Tight Rope. Cliff dive and bridge dive into the Naked Dreams gorge. Have a massage in the Naked Dreams massage hut or a Spa in the ND Skydome. Dance on one of two Intans. Catch a sail boat from Eden Natropolis. Have a shower with your lover under the massive waterfalls that grace the Eastern shoreline or just lay back on the many beach towels and beach furniture items spread all over the Island. You can even rez your own sailing craft or Powerboat on the Island.

The most exciting part is the announcement of two new experiences on Naked Dreams. There is now two new rezzers on the observation jetty near the misty lake Tiki Hut. One produces an almost clear bubble for you and your partner to fly in. It travels slowly so great views of the island can be taken in. The other is a custom made Naked Dreams Parasail rezzer. One touch produces a rideable parasail flyer that is very steady over sim crossings, in fact you can sail right across the entire group of Eden Islands in quiet floating naked bliss!

I am so proud of my involvement with the Eden group. I am thrilled to see the Islands grow and invite you to join with us. Simply visit Natropolis to join the Eden group.

Please come and visit. The Island was made with love and peace for all to enjoy!
I hope to one day see you join me on Naked Dreams where all your dreams just might come true!

Love and peace xoxoxoxo

Teresa Korhonen


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