Eden Conference and Exhibition Centre

The Eden Conference and Exhibition Centre is now available for business.  The Centre is situated on its own dedicated sim (Eden Celebration) and is surrounded by scenic waterways, landscaped gardens and Linden seas.   We have included an open air Amphitheatre and Stage and even an Airport!  There are a network of fast teleport plates conveniently placed around the sim and there’s even a Pony and Trap Tour if you just want to take the slow, leisurely route from the Waterside area to the Conference Centre.

The Eden Conference and Exhibition Centre in the Eden Celebration sim in Second Life

Hiring the Centre

If you want to contact us for information on hiring the sim for your event, please contact Elbag Gable or Brenda Hoisin in Second Life.

Eden Amphitheatre and Stage

The Amphitheatre and Stage

The amphiththeatre can hold up to 50 avatars with seating for all and the focus is on the Stage.  The backdrop is the beautiful Linden sea, so there’s be nothing to distract the attention of visitors except what’s happening on the stage. All the delightful pathways in the sim lead to the Amphitheatre and Eden Celebration has been designed from the ground up to be a fully functioning Entertainment hub, with plenty of room for expansion.

Eden Celebration sim facts!

  • Part of the Eden Yacht & Boat Club, Eden Celebration sim is a centralised facility for entertainment, education, exhibitions and events for both local and general SL use by arrangement.
  • The sim is a full capacity prim sim with around 8,000 prims available for use in rezzing items for exhibition and demonstration purposes.
  • A 8,000 sq.m. tidal basin is available for boat and other water vehicle exhibitions and product launches. The basin can be covered over for use for non-water related events. A sea lock can be opened for access to privately owned Eden Estate and its waters via the EYBC Inner Harbour and SLGC Sub-Station and then south to the 150 or so sims that make up private estates of The North Sea and Fruit Islands Estates of which over 50% is maintained as navigable.
  • The Eden Conference Centre is available for all types of indoor events and exhibitions and has a number of large and small room spaces available to accommodate such as well as a fitness centre and pool area for relaxation.
  • The very successful Eden Floating Stage has also been relocated from Eden Naturopolis sim and hosts weekly entertainment.
  • The sim also provides a landing strip for aircraft and also offers a helicopter landing pad.
  • The sim is laid out for easy access from facility to facility and a pony and trap ride takes visitors from an access point through the landscaped gardens to The Eden Conference Centre where further surrounding gardens and a lake offer visitors a great place to relax and generally unwind.
  • Apartments are also available for rent at the premier location.

If you wish to hold an event, run a seminar, exhibit your products for a gridwide launch or promotion, hold regular courses or presentations then do get in touch with:-

Hiring the Centre

Eden Conference and Exhibition Centre is here for YOUR events in SL

If you want to contact us for information on hiring the sim for your event, please contact Elbag Gable or Brenda Hoisin in Second Life.


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