Eden AirStrip

Eden AirStrip

The main entrance by sea or air to Eden is at the Eden Gateway sim. This is where you’ll find the Gateway Channel that links the waterways of Eden with the Fruit Islands.  It’s also the home of the Eden AirStrip.  If you are flying in, please land here and walk along the scenic road north to our capital sim at Naturopolis.

Air Traffic Rules for the Eden AirStrip

  1. Armed aerial combat, whether Air-to-Air or Air-to-Ground is strictly forbidden and will be treated as a griefing attempt being dealt swiftly and permanently by the issue of an estate ban and a report to Linden Labs.
  2. The Airport in Eden Gateway is the only place where non amphibious fixed wing aircrafts can land and take off
  3. All inbound traffic uses the W runway, heading S-N.
  4. All outbound traffic uses the E runway, heading N-S.
  5. The minimum operating ceiling is 70m AMSL .
  6. Jet powered aircraft, specially the military type have a minimum operating ceiling of 150m AMSL
  7. Helicopters have a second landing point on the roof of the EYCB on Eden Swallow (Both SL Coast Guard helipads are strictly forbiden to civilian helicopters).
  8. Amphibious fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters can touch down and take off in any of the SIMs as long as they do not enter private parcels while taxiing and as long as they can take off within 1 single SIM leaving enough room to clear the islands across the SIM without danger of crashing.
  9. It is strictly forbidden for any aircraft to enter SIMs with a race line from 30 minutes before until 1:30 hour after the announced start time for a sailing event within that SIM (The SIMs with Race lines are Eden Swallow and Breadnut) After that period a Race line SIM is considered as any other and the general estate rules apply.
  10. Amphibious capable aircrafts will respect the ROW laws that rule maritime traffic when they touch down or taxi on water, being considered motor water crafts while taxiing and so being forced to give ROW to any purely sail driven vessel that crosses their path.
  11. The Eden estate is a naturist estate, so nudity is seen as natural and encouraged.  The North Sea is not a naturist area and neither are the Fruit islands to the South, so, please remember to wear something when flying South.

The management wishes you a pleasant stay in both the Eden estate and the North sea, but also wishes to remind you that your freedom begins where someone else’s ends, so please be respectful towards the estate and its residents


Please note that all clothing must be removed once you've landed.


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