The naturist resort, Naturopolis, is our capital sim and there’s always something to do when you visit.  We have placed interesting and exciting attractions for you and your friends to experience and enjoy whilst being naked.

Please Note: The one thing you WON’T see at Naturopolis are ugly pose balls.  We’ve worked hard to remove them all, so just feel free to sit wherever you like and the chances are there’s a built-in pose ball with multiple poses so you can take your pick and look as relaxed as you like.

Places to Visit at Naturopolis

Strolling around Eden

These are many places for and your friends to hang out and explore.  Some are gathering places such as the Beach Bar and the Hot Tub, while others are secluded walks and hdden coves and rivers.  Have fun exploring the sim.

  • Tropical beaches and sunbathing areas
  • Outdoor gym and exercise mats (with full animations)
  • Well stocked bar and hot tubs (gives free drinks)
  • Swimming pool and decked lounging area with float rings
  • Public outdoor hot spa with towels and drinks
  • Secluded tropical pools set in natural coves around the island
  • Naked nature walks and hiking trails through scenic, high mountain tracks
  • Horse Riding bridle paths around the island
  • Lush, grassy meadows and secluded rest places
  • You’ll find a  mud wresting ring for couples on the beach with built-in scoring
  • There are beach showers for your use after the fun
  • The Naturist Marketplace – with free skins, shapes, hair and attachments.
  • The Pavilion (The “Hub”) and the Floating Stage for the regular events
  • The Seafront Marina and Harbour-side, for moored yachts and boats.
  • There’s even a smouldering volcano to climb
  • Eden Naturist Apartment Atrium.  Sit and relax in the plush trappings of the ground floor atrium.
  • You’ll find some secluded camp fires and logs on secluded beaches for you and your friends to sit

Things To Do

Hang gliding at Eden

We also have many forms of fun transport around the estate.

  • Hang gliders – easy to fly and great fun.
  • Rowing boats – you’ll get a free pair of oars to row yourself around the waters
  • Jet skis – experience a thrilling ride around the waterways
  • Speed boats – they look cool and can even carry a few friends as passengers
  • Air boats (think Miami Vice!) – one of those marsh boats with a vertical fan at the back.  Even travels over land.
  • Fishing boats – a romantic, slow-moving, easy to steer way to sail over the waters of the Estate
  • Skydiving & Parachuting – There’s an 8 seater skydiving platform that gives out free parachutes and can take you up to 3000 metres.
  • Table Tennis – round at the back of the Hub
  • Lawn Tennis – there’s a tennis pavilion and 6 full-sized tennis grass courts above Naturopolis – see the teleport at the Hub entrance
  • Scooters – hop on a free scooter and take a tour of the coastal roads in Naturopolis down to the Gateway.
  • Skydiving – Grab your free parachute and take an express elevator up to 2000m – then throw yourself off to skydive back down to Naturopolis. Just remember to pull the ripcord befoer you get too low and then drift the rest of the way down, enjoying the views.
  • Tour Boats – we have small boats moored at the Naturopolis waterfront. Just jump aboard and it will automatically sail you around a tour of Eden waters.
All our group members and residents can simply hop onto a boat or glider and start to drive, row or fly around.  A new one appears when one is taken, and will disappear a few moments after you get off, so the Estate doesn’t end up littered with them.  Most of them are simple to use – just use the arrow keys to drive it around.
Hint: Remember, take it easy and don’t speed or you’ll end up getting stuck!  Any idiot can just put their foot down, but it takes skill to control it at slow speeds.

Take a leisurely trip on a romantic fishing boat around the waters of Eden

Glide over Eden in your own free hang glider


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