Update to Eden Celebration

13 Nov

Eden Celebration – latest news

The Bumrose Club

Evelyne DeCuir (evelyne.bourdeille) and her partner Dona DeCuir (donato.decuir), are busy constructing their club house (which will also be open to the public, later).  As you can see, it looks fantastic and it’s not even half completed!

Evelyne DeCuir club

Evelyne DeCuir club

The club will become home to the adult group known as The Bumrose Club, a club for “like-minded people that enjoy details as much on their looks than on their environment, but also a place for lewd enjoyment. It is not all about sex, but about relaxing too, or relaxing in a very lusty place.”  This will be Eden’s first ever adult sim and it’s new rating reflects that. Evelyne has assured us that any adult activities will be kept well within the confines of their sim, which makes it no different to any other privately owned sim in Eden.

The old Eden Celebration Conference Centre was under-used as was the airfield, and the Stage was an expensive feature that was a drain on the resources of the estate. This new venture will help balance the finances and bring a much-needed impetus to the area.  The Bumrose Club already has a huge number of members who will come to relax at the club and will no doubt want to sail and explore the area.

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  1. Jenni Eales

    17 December 2014 at 4:03 pm

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    The Bumrose Club. I visit the sim now and then to follow the progress and I like what I see.


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