23 Aug

Saturday August 23

Lightning Productions presented the Classic performance by Pink Floyd today.  Excellent staging and special effect including two flying pigs and Worms!! ewww! added to the thrill of hearing these great Songs again.  Hard hats were passed out for the crowd to wear to protect themselves from pieces of the wall falling at random, and  at the end of the show we had a spectacular display of chaos as the wall fell on the crowd.

All the classic songs from The Wall were performed such as “The Happiest Days Of Our Lives”, “Goodbye Blue Sky”, “Hey You”, “Is There Anybody Out There?”  and of course the fabulous “Another Brick In The Wall” parts 1, 2 and 3.

Many Thanks as always to Penny Althouse and Coz Okelly for a great show.  Lightning Productions continues to put on the very best in tribute bands and shows in SL.  Be sure to catch one of their shows in the future if you haven’t yet.  Also thanks to Brenda and Elbag for bringing them here on a regular basis to Eden Resort.

Melody Paslong:  Eden Reporter

The Wall_003The Wall_007The Wall_027The Wall_029The Wall_030The Wall_032

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