The Inaugural Blue Lagoon Marina Regatta

05 Jun

“And They’re Off!” 

The first Blue Lagoon Marina Regatta (say that 5 times real fast) was off with a bang today with a slew of various sailboats all competing for the best time.  Our Patch race director Petra put together a fun and exciting, if not sometimes chaotic, race today that was surely enjoyed by all who watched and participated.

And the Winners Are:

Fearless Freenote was winner of Class 1 (and overall winner)
Orca Flotta was winner of Class 2
Qyv Inshan was winner of Class 4
Laycee Deed  was winner of Class 5

We are looking forward to having this Regatta as a regular feature here in Eden so stay tuned for more details as they come from Marcy and Twi at Blue Moon Marina.

For more pictures and detailed results of all who participated, go to:,2699.0.html

Thanks to Oona for posting more photos on Flickr.  Here’s the link for her pictures.

Pre Race Preparations

Pre Race Preparations

Counting down for the Start

Counting down for the Start

"And They're Off!

“And They’re Off!

Crossing the FInish Line

Crossing the FInish Line

BLM Race_030

After the race, hanging out.

Hanging around after the race.

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