Ktaba J-Class “Vanya” Launches at Eden Resort

30 Jan

The newest racing yacht by Craig Ktaba was introduced at Eden Siskin on Wednesday the 29th to a crowd of 70+ and was followed by a dance.  A great time was had by all and this looks like the Vanya will be a huge success.

The Vanya is a reproduction of the most renowned of all America’s Cup racing yachts, and many sailors believe the J-Class represents the height of the “Golden Age” of America’s Cup yacht racing, since their sleek, graceful lines are not just for good looks, but are the evidence and credentials of their racing design.  She carries a skipper and five crew members, and features a low-lag, low-prim design that includes:

* mesh construction
* WWC or Bwind
* crew controls
* luffing sails
* wood trim
* windvane
* custom-fitted textures
* custom animations
* various innovations and desirables (sonar/ compass hud, bow wave, spinnaker controls, new algorithms “under the hood”)

Vanya Launches at the Yacht  CLub

Vanya Launches at the Yacht Club


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Posted by on 30 January 2014 in Events


One response to “Ktaba J-Class “Vanya” Launches at Eden Resort

  1. isisrexie

    31 January 2014 at 9:58 pm

    I’m so glad someone got photos. I forgot all about that 🙂 What a great party it was! Well done Craig! Thanks to FIYC and the SLCG for their support that day. *Hugs all around*


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