Security Orbs – wasp nests and bee nests

03 Jan
Security orb alternatives

Security orb alternatives


The waters and the airspace around all the Eden islands must allow free passage to the public and the Eden wildlife, such as fish and seagulls.  As you probably know, we do not allow security orbs or ban lines in Eden for this reason.  Security devices (and ban lines in particular) can capture boats and planes and have been known to cause chaos to yacht races.

Of course, as owners of your parcel, you can ban people from your parcel if they are being a continual nuisance. However, if you are not happy with strangers entering your home while you are not there (hey, what are they gonna do?)  then you can use the following recommended security devices.

Instead, you can use a Bee Hive Security system.  This item blends in with the Eden ethos of naturist living!  Wasps work well on naturists, as well as bees!  Just make sure that the Eden staff are added to the friends list so we can continue to maintain the islands.

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