Deep sea and coastal fishing in Eden

10 Aug

The wzw3 fishing system in action

Have you ever wanted to have fun in SL deep-sea and coastal fishing?  Now you can! The Eden Naturist Resort now has coastal fishing in the Eden Siskin sim and we have just added four sims of deep-sea fishing. Yes that’s right – four whole sims of deep-sea fishing – just for you.

Cast your line and try to catch Tuna, Shark, Marlin and many more all using the WZW fishing system. The WZW fishing system created by xec Parx is the most realistic fishing system in all of SL. All you need is a rod, a line, and some thing to attract the fish and you are ready to go. This system is not a points game like other fishing systems but is a true fishing simulator.  It has rods, lines, floats, bait, spinners, in fact everything you will find in an RL fishing store and the WZW system is a quite low-cost system so your bank manager is happy as well.

The WZW development team are also going to provide training for all of us in how best to use their system and lots of hints and tips so you can get the very best out of their system as well as have the most fun.

Check the SL marketplace for free rods and tackle.

Catch your fish in Eden

Catch your fish in Eden

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