2012 Eden EYBC Quest Scow NAKED Championships

14 Feb

February 2012

ANNOUNCING the Eden EYBC Quest Scow NAKED Championships.
Yes you’ve been asking for it (well Orca has) so we are going to give you it!  We will run this incredible event noonish SLT on Friday and if necessary Saturday too though to SLT 2pm – February 17th / 18th February depending on numbers registered. Just turn up on your own or with a bunch of friends and we’ll be here to officially log your timed run.

  1. Register your interest with Elbag Gable by Notecard
  2. Buy a Scow if you don’t already have one (if you really are Miserly & a Misery and won’t spend L$500 then our vendors will deliver a free demo Scow)
  3. Decorate it (the Scow) appropriately (or seek out Ali Vultee or whoever is your fave sail and hull wizard) BUT we will know if you are a M&M and are using a Demo Scow coz you wont be able to decorate it !!!
  4. By then (Friday 9th) we will have the course map available at the Eden Siskin (EYBC) start line so you can do some serious light hearted practice runs during the week prior to THE DAY(s) above.  The bar and social club at EYBC is a good place to TP into. or if you don’t want a stiffner before you sail
  5. Hay Ah is Race Director and really quite lenient when to comes to the application of Rule This and Rule That.
  6. Course time will be the judgement criteria.


  • 1st Prize is choice between L$1,000 or two weeks free accomodation in an apartment of your choice as are available on Eden Celebration sim.
  • 2nd Prize is what’s left after the winner takes their prize.
  • 3rd Prize is L$500
  • 4th and 5th prizes are L$250
  • 6th to 10th fastest times will have a week’s free mooring of a sensible sized boat at the EYBC so you can enjoy cruising the islands a bit more and venture out for a cruise into The North Sea and The Fruit Islands as well.

There will be a mystery Eden Owners prize awarded to the most Funcentric entrant too!!

Brenda (she who must be obeyed) will choose the best decorated Scow IN HER OPINION and award a prize of L$500 to her totally unbiased choice of winner !!!! So, leave a Scow TIDILY moored in the Sea Basin on Eden Celebration sim for her to see as soon as you like and we’ll return them all on Sunday 19th when all the results will be announced. We don’t plan to hold an awards ceremony but if pressed to do so then we will, so let us know if you want one with a dance and what not and we’ll set a date for a suitable ceremony and hoohah on Eden Celebration sim coz that’s what its there for!!!

That’s it, simple, no fuss, no nonsense, but LOTS of FUN – let’s hear from you!

  • Elbag Gable – elbaggable_(at)_gmail_dotcom
  • Brenda Hoisin – brendahoisin_(at)_gmail_dotcom
  • Hay Ah
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