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Welcome to the website of the Eden Naturist Estate in Second Life

Eden is a series of over 50 wonderful scenic sims in Second Life that link together to form a massive, landscaped estate of waterways and islands for naturists to enjoy the clothes-free lifestyle.  There are many tropical islands, beaches, mountains, rivers and forests for you to explore, all surrounded by Linden-protected seas. At the heart of Eden is the resort of Naturopolis, a playground for fun-loving naturists, with beautiful beaches, swimming pools, bars, meeting places, public hot tubs, secret coves and even long, country walks through scenic mountain trails.   It’s a great place to meet up, hang out or make new friends.

Eden has its own Yachting and Boating Club which is officially recognised as a major focal point in the SL sailing community.  The EYBC is situated to the south of the Eden naturist estate and has sailing access to all the Eden sims and the Fruit Islands sims – that’s over 150 sims!

Naturopolis also has fun rides to get you around the place!  There are fishing boats, jet skis, speed boats, hang gliders, air boats and even scooters that will get you around the islands, and all for free. We have regular dances and events with DJs down at the Blue Lagoon Marina, situated just to the east of Eden Gateway. There’s also land to buy and we have economic and luxury apartments to rent in the beautiful, relaxed, scenic naturist paradise of Eden, designed especially for those that want to live their Second Life in a fun, naked, stress-free environment.  You can even rent slips and mooring spaces for your boat.

We also have a growing Naturist Marketplace filled with top quality items of interest to naturists, with plenty of free and full perm skins, shapes, hair and other body parts. All our facilities are free to use by residents and visitors alike.  Boats and hang gliders are available and can be used freely by anyone who joins The Eden Naturist Estate group.  You’ll find scooters, fishing boats, rowboats, jet-skis, speedboats and even airboats (think Miami-Vice!) to get around on.

Come for a visit and see what we have to offer.  See the Eden Naturist Estate for yourself in Second Life.

Relaxing at the cafe bar.

You can click to enlarge any image on the site to its full size.  Use your browser back-button to return to the page from which you viewed it.  Have a look at our Eden Naturist Estate photo albums elsewhere on this site, all taken in beautiful Eden.  They’re updated regularly. We have a set of photos at the SnapZilla Eden Naturist Estate Photo Album  that are definitely worth a look!

Brenda and Elbag at the Eden Officers' dance night

Brenda and Elbag at the Eden Officers’ dance night

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